Privacy Policy

We Use Google Analytics on our website to monitor the number of visitors that visit our site, which pages they visit and the time spent on those pages in order for us to better understand the performance of our website and our visitors experience.
Google Analytics also collect the Internet Protocol address (or IP address) of all visitors, however we have coded this site so that the users IP address is Anonymised or masked by resetting to 000 the last part of the number sequence of that makes up the IP address. This means that any Personally Identifiable Information (or PII) that is collected by Google cannot be attributed to any one person. To put this into simple terms your visit to our website is anonymous.
Google also collects further information such as the device and the browser used by the visitor, the very aproximate location, the search terms used to find our page.
A more detailed explanation of data collected can be found in Googles Privacy Policy which can be found here